Dario Ré

Dario Ré lives in Spokane, Washington. He completed an MA in Art History at Concordia University in Montréal, Québec and a BA at Fairhaven College in Bellingham, Washington with a self-designed interdisciplinary concentration titled, Visual and Natural Culture: Art & Ethnobotany.

His multifaceted practice includes painting, assemblage, installation, video, performance, sound and songwriting.

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The eponymous group from Spokane, Washington is an orchestral folk ensemble that fuses meticulous arrangements with impassioned poetics to empower gipsy jazz and indie rock to coexist. Lead by Ré on guitar, keys, vocals, ukulele, and percussion, the core members include Phil Pintor on violin, mandolin and keys; Michael Starry on upright electric bass; Patrick Culbertson on guitar, mandolin, violin, ukulele and vocals; Caroline Bickford on cello; and Andie Daisley on vocals.

Dario Ré

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