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Becoming a PATRON asks you to trust my process as an artist and support me holistically to help regulate the financial ebb and flow of creating big projects. It’s a small monthly contribution of your choice that supports my methodology and my Being.

Of course I give you things in return but that’s not the point—it’s not transactional. Think of this more in the realm of gift and community.

I am a songwriter, bandleader, music teacher, artist, permaculturist, homesteader, father and human. I seek resonance in everything I do and cultivate time and space where creativity and critical inquiry can flourish.

Maintaining a full-time art practice however is a delicate and precarious balance. In a capitalist paradigm, artists are not sustainably supported nor valued and understood. The art economy needs reform.

The PATRON model provides sustained financial support for artistic work and is transforming how I operate my practice. PATRONS give me security to commit to my creative process. They allow me to make work that resonates with my spirit while nurturing and providing for a vibrant community of artists and fans. 

You can support my career (and by extension my community) at a price that fits your life circumstances--everyone is welcome. Your monthly contribution acts as true and direct patronage to creative work: compensating collaborators, maintaining rehearsal space, production and distribution of new work, equipment maintenance, project management, administration and more. You are supporting not only an individual, but a community—a system—a network of creators working to make art, music and change.

In return, your subscription lets you in on the process and invites you to join a vulnerable space full of creativity. You get access to an ever-evolving well of work. The collection includes the breadth of my creative practice: 

  • songwriting, 
  • music teaching, 
  • music production, 
  • fine art, 
  • writing, and 
  • all things Heat Speak. 

Through my website you will have access to: unreleased B-sides, demos, setlists, live recordings, instructional videos, live streamed concerts, Q&A sessions, lyrics and lead sheets, exclusive documentation, free downloads of previously released work, early releases of forthcoming records, artwork, merch and more. You even have access to "The Woodshop" an exclusive platform used to distribute files, demos, lead sheets and organizational tools in preparation for tours, live shows and studio sessions.

The art economy needs reform so thank you for being that change!

Imbuing these words with love and gratitude...