From the recordings To Love Wind and Shimmering Façade

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Shimmering Façade

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Written by Dario Ré

Produced by Heat Speak

Recorded by Heat Speak at the Mystic Homestead in Spokane, Washington

Mixed and mastered by Wilson Harwood at Elevated Productions in Nashville, Tennessee

Dario Ré - piano, vocals
Andie Daisley - vocals
Michael Starry - upright electric bass
Phil Pintor - violin
Tim Gales - mandocello and vocals
Rick Estrada - electric guitar
Zack Zuniga - djembe
Chris Kelsey - drum kit


Pussy willow surrounding songs
Contrived old vine I wish you grew well in our home
Now it’s clear you just echo sorrow
My tears run clear across your…

Waxy wounded
Unctuous glimmer
Shimmering façade

Your name I’d love to sing as well
Security is lacking in our distant tongue
For when I spoke with utter gumption
My phrase fell short amongst your…

Waxy wounded
Unctuous glimmer
Shimmering façade