Ashes are Gold, 2014 was a curatorial project that took place June 26, 2014 at the Mystic Homestead in Spokane, Washington. It featured collaborative and solo work by Drew North, Carolina Aponte, Anders Carlson-Wee, Austin Stiegemeier and Dario Ré as well as two performances: Wenatchee duo, Wakes and Dario Ré accompanied by Phil Pintor on violin and Jackson Cate on bass.

Gold, or Au after its Latin aurum, is a natural element that delivers a cultural punch of exclusivity, rarity and the unique. It wears the number 79—a modest prime and the age of death for ?% of the people in the United States, ?% of which are cremated, burnt to ash and sprinkled into the natural world, entirely unporous, and repellant of rains. This ash is the residue of combustion—the last phase in a material transformation. 

“Dreams burn, but in ashes are gold.” - 24-25 Kings of Convenience

Maureen, 2016 was a group exhibition featuring over 50 emerging artists from Concordia’s MFA Department of Studio Arts. It was installed in the historic École des Beaux Arts in Montréal, Québec from May 13 to 26, 2016.