American Dollar, 2014 
36 x 72 in (91.5 x 183 cm) 
Oil on canvas

American Dollars, 2010
4000 rusty nails, pegboard, wood, cash
Installation,  Fairhaven College in Bellingham, Washington.

Six American Dollars, 2010 
Etching and Monotype

One American Dollar, 2009 
35.5 x 45.7 cm  
Acrylic on Canvas  

Currency Caries Mystery, 2010  
Video installation

Currency manages to evade critical thought. I want to see it consciously, question its function and consequence as well as acknowledge it for the arbitrary construct it is and always will be. I watch it succeed in defining power and hierarchy; I question its attempt to quantify the value of life, time, ArT, pleasure, religion, maintenance, etc; but most of all I wonder what it means to blindly believe in a societal system: one that distracts us from instinct and biology? 

So through the cacophony of clutter and distraction, mediation and confusion, I look to measure a frame within a frame that is our life’s routine full of fragmented intentions, choices and dreams. 

We don’t spend two-dollar bills the same.